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Bruce Honig is the founder of Honig Idea Guides. Bruce brings over 27 years in the field of Education, Training, Facilitation and Organizational Development to his clients. Bruce is an expert in solving problems and is the author of written the book Aha!: The Workbook in Solving Problems (1985).

Bruce's unique understanding of the creative process led him to invent a number of games, including a nationally marketed board game, CREATE: The Game that Challenges and Expands your Creativity. He edited and wrote The CreativeMind, a newsletter devoted to supporting innovation in business, and has authored many journal articles on creativity. Bruce was previously the owner and operator of Camp Invention, a camp devoted to fostering creativity in children. Bruce is the principal author of Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Team Work.

Bruce served asa board member of American Society for Training And Development and is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

Bruce has a B.A. in Educational Philosophy and a M.A. in Educational Psychology and Curriculum Design.

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Problem Solving

On-site Training

Finding Solutions as a Team
in Meetings

Learn the tools and processes to facilitate a group to find the right solutions to most any problem or situation.

Finding the Solution is a highly interactive and memorable training workshop. The participants will learn specific tools for finding solutions to problems using 4 steps:

Focusing - Define, prioritize, focus and analyze problems.
Idea Generating - Generating creative & useful ideas,
approaches and solutions
Decision Making - Making the best possible decision
Implementing -
Ensure that solutions are implemented

They will learn the techniques that go with each step such as "gap analysis," "random stimulation," and "decision making analysis." They will develop awareness and understanding of the need to use a problem solving process.

The focus of this training may be on group or individual problem solving.


This workshop may be done in a one, two or three day format. The one-day workshop involves learning the tools and concepts. The two-day workshop includes applying the tools and concepts to real problems. A third-day may be added to practice facilitating groups using these problem solving tools.


Participants will be able to...

Focus on the "true" problem
Establish accurate goals for problem solving
Prioritize problems and decide which problems should get attention

Generate ideas quickly
Break through barriers and mental blocks
Find viable solutions

Sort through lots of ideas
Evaluate alternative courses of action
Make good decisions so all team members are satisfied
Consider both risk and benefits in a choice

Analyze what needs to be accomplished
Ensure acceptance of the solutions
Develop and use action plans


Why a Problem Solving Process?
What is a Problem?
The Process: Creative Problem Solving
Making Decisions
The Tools of Creative Problem Solving
Applying the Creative Problem Solving Process
Facilitating a group

Tailored to your needs

This workshop may be tailored to fit your particular needs.


The workshop workbook is filled with tools that are recipes for solving most any problem. We treat this book like most any recipe book when creating a meal.  In using a recipe book you pick and choose whichever recipes suit your needs.  Much in the same way, pick and choose the “recipes” in this book that are appropriate for the problem. The participants will learn which "recipes" to select under different circumstances.

These recipes are for "rational" problems (a problem as a result of a change) as well as for creative problems (a new situation or opportunity).

This workbook contains five highly applicable sections:

  • The Stages and Tasks of Problem Solving
  • Targeting
  • Idea Generating
  • Decision Making
  • Implementing


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