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Why do it

To generate lots of great ideas that fit your project

Ensure a highly productive session

Be guided towards developing creative solutions and making effective decisions.

To access the creative genius in your team


Who We Are

We are specialists in group ideation and idea generation, and have been so for for over 27 years. We are specialists in creative thinking and use hundreds of different proven tools and techniques to generate viable ideas.

We have developed, taught, and used thousands of creative thinking approaches. Our resume boasts several books on the creativity and idea generation, a popular newsletter on innovation in business, and many published games and tools to support creative thinking. And we know how to run a productive meeting and team.

All of our clients leave our meetings with a renewed respect for meetings. They learn how to access the power of collective decision making and idea generation.

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Ideation & Idea Generation

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Guiding your brainstorming &
idea generation sessions

Get Great Ideas

More great ideas per minute,

We will facilitate your ideation session. The facilitator ensures that everyone contributes and collaborates. This way you benefit from the perspectives of everyone in the session. Your ideation sessions will be highly productive, providing a surplus of ideas.

Ideation sessions for...

Product Development

Services Development

Marketing Strategies & Messages

Solutions to Problems

Event Planning

How we work

Planning for the Ideation
The first thing we do is plan for the session. To accomplish this we will interview you and others to determine the purpose, outcomes and detailed information needed to generate the ideas that you want. We then produce a high level agenda that will be presented to you. Together we will refine the agenda. The result of this step is a meeting agenda that will fit your goals 100 percent.

The Ideation Meeting
We will facilitate your ideation meeting and will ensure that everyone contributes. We will draw from hundreds of ideation tools and techniques, including those from Synectics™, Edward DeBono, Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Walt Disney, Kepner-Tregoe, and Alex Osborn (father of "Brainstorming").

You and your team will receive a report that contains the results and the "output" of the meeting.

Our Ideation Process

Focus: Define the problem or challenge or strategic direction

Idea Generation: Generate loads of ideas that fit the focus

Decision Making: Decide on which ideas are the best

Action: Plan for implementation and action


For requesting information regarding ideation sessions
please call 415-479-2028 or click on "request for proposal"

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