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Jeanne-Marie Grumet is nationally and internationally respected as a dynamic speaker, and as a facilitator of leading-edge communication training. For over 20 years she has engaged participants in powerful programs that produce lasting, positive results. Backed by her years of experience and proven success working in sales, training, and management, she delivers customized speeches and courses. Programs include interpersonal communications, presentation skills, teambuilding, customer service, sales, conflict resolution and management.

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"Jeanne-Marie can elevate you to an entirely new level of communication. The result - an increase in your performance and success."
Roy Criag, Training Manager, Sybase Corporation

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Giving Powerful Presentations in Meetings

On-site Training Workshop

We create powerful presenters

Give more focused, concise, and impactful presentations
Present more confidently with fewer nervous distractions
“Think on your feet” with greater ease

Presenting in a way that is powerful, confident and credible is a key element to business success.  This two-day course is an invaluable step in helping participants communicate their ideas and information effectively and persuasively—whether it is one-on-one, in a small business meeting or to a large audience.  Videotaped feedback is utilized to promote desired change quickly and with lasting results.

Participants will learn how to...

Develop a clear, focused message
Eliminate nervous and habitual behaviors that detract from the message
Recognize and respond to non-verbal cues
Increase their effectiveness when using decks and visuals
Handle questions and challenging situations with greater ease
Lead and model effective presentation and communication skills
Motivate and inspire others to achieve greater results

Subjects include

What to understand about the audience
Dealing with various presentation environments
Effectively using handouts, visual aids, notes, microphones
Guidelines for creating and using visuals during class
How to respond to challenging situations such as questions and objections


The format include videotape feedback, lecture, discussion, and practice.

Participants will be given the opportunity to present, learning through practice and feedback. They will be asked to create two to three visuals related to their topic and/or have something to demonstrate, which may be prepared during class time. A small "homework" assignment is typically given for the evening of day one. 

Workshop Pre-work

Before the workshop, participants are asked to think about a topic that they would like to present on the 2nd day of the class. 

Tailored to your needs

This workshop may be tailored to fit your particular needs.

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