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All Training Programs are..

Activities are highly interactive and fun, inspiring participation.

Real Life
Our training programs provide skills and knowledge back that are directly applicable to the work setting.

Training activities are varied, offering opportunities for all types of learners.

Maintains Interest & Enthusiasm
Participants will experience sustained interest throughout the meeting.

Team building Opportunities
Whether the participants regularly spend time with each other or not, our training programs provide ample opportunity for each person to network and build relationships with others.

Engagement Process

We Get Your information
We will gather information about the needs and requirements of the participants to ensure the training program fits everyone's needs.

We Follow-up with you
We offer continued support to assure that your meeting results are implented to the fullest extent possible.

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Leading Meetings

Leading Effective & Engaging Meetings
(1 Day)

Lead productive meetings through our meeting management on-site training. Your leaders will learn how to engage their meeting participants so they will contribute more and be fully engaged!

Facilitating Meetings: The Advanced Leadership Course (2 days)
This workshop is the advanced version of our Leading Effective & Engaging Meetings. This includes additional tools as well as facilitative leadership methods.

One-on-One Phone Coaching
Are you an individual who wants to improve your meeting management and facilitation skills? Not interest in on-site training? Then you may be interested in one-on-one coaching, supported by our meeting meeting leadership workbook.

Leading Remote/Virtual Meetings
(4 hours)

Lead effective remote meetings using teleconferencing or collaboration tools. We cover the basics of effective remote meetings in addition to tools and approaches for making decisions, sharing information and generating ideas. This class is delivered remotely using Webex or teleconferencing.

Meeting Functions: Idea Generating and Decision Making

Leading Problem Solving Groups: Finding the Solution
(1-3 Days)

Effectively solve problems with your team.
Leading Ideation Sessions
(1-2 Days)

Generating ideas for marketing, product development or naming.
Leading Decision Making Meetings
(1 Day)

Facilitate your group in making decisions through consensus and collaboration.
Leading Project Management Teams
(3 Days)

Participants learn how to lead a project team meetings through focusing, idea generation, decision making and project management.

Presenting in Meetings

Power Presenting in Meetings
(2 Days)

Deliver information in a clear and effective manner.

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