Thoughts on Meetings

Effective meeting don’t happen by accident, they happen by design.

Virtual & Remote Meetings

Face-to-Face Meeting vs. Virtual

A study from Martiz Travel/Institute and Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, based on science, found that face-to-face meetings are best when the goal is to 1) Capture attention, 2) Inspire a positive climate, and 3) Build personal networks and relationships.   See this article

Virtual & Remote Meetings

9 Tips for Effective Online Meetings

9 tips for Effective Online Meetings from Productivity 501

1. Stay focused

2. Get the technology right

3. Follow up with an email summary

4. Argue politely

5. Come prepared

6. Look into the camera

7. Clean, distraction-free background

8. Use a good camera

9. Pay attention to sound

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Virtual & Remote Meetings

Post-it Notes for Teleconference Meetings with 3 or more people

Post-It Technique

This is a great technique for remote facilitators or participants. Clear a desk surface in front of you. In advance, or when participants first start sharing, take one post-it per participant and write the participant’s name at the top. Arrange the post-its in front of you to create a visual layout of the room. [...]