Thoughts on Meetings

The Law of Triviality. Briefly stated, it means that the time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved.


9 Tips for Meetings

1. Make people show up on time

2. Always have an agenda

3. Invite the right people

4. Use email effectively – Don’t have a meeting for something that can be better communicated via email. If you just need to distribute facts, use email.

5. Use meetings to argue

6. Record your decisions

7. Kill the Powerpoints

8. Get everyone talking

9. [...]


7 Habits of Highly Effective Meetings

1.  Meetings are to be limited to thirty minutes for a strategic meeting and eighteen minutes (like TED) for introductory or non-strategic meetings.  There would be a massive countdown clock in every conference room.

2.  Power points will be limited to “must-have” illustrations (graphs, visualizations, diagrams, etc.) The meeting can never start off with a power [...]


5 Ways to Make Your Meetings Effective

Excerpts from, Jun 2009

“In my opinion, one of the worse part after a meeting is the phase when you need to put all pieces together and come up with an effective and useful meeting report and action items for the post-meeting activity.”

“I found out that making a meeting effective is crucial for the [...]


Slide Show on Effective Meetings

People don’t take meetings seriously Solution: Adopt a mindset among all participants that meetings are real work. You have to make your meetings “uptime” rather than “downtime.”

Example: Put a poster on the wall of every conference room with a series of simple questions about the meetings to act as a visual reminder: Do you know [...]


What makes an Effective Meeting?

Effective meetings really boil down to three things:

They achieve the meeting’s objective.
They take up a minimum amount of time.
They leave participants feeling that a sensible [...]


Evidence for the Effectiveness of Face-to-face meetings vs. Virtual

Companies are reducing the amount of face-to-face meetings in order to reduce their costs.  But the question is are they really saving money?  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests otherwise.

When to have face-to-face meeting:  When group processes and outcomes that require coordination, consensus, timing and persuasion of others were better accomplished up [...]


Three purposes to a meeting

Anthony (Tony) Tjan (CEO, Managing Partner and Founder of Cue Ball, a venture and early growth equity firm investing in the information media and consumer sectors) wrote an article for Harvard Business School Blog on making meeting shorter and better:

Outside of general relationship building, consider that there are only three functional purposes for [...]