Thoughts on Meetings

A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted. — James T. Kirk


5 Ways to Make Your Meetings Effective

Excerpts from, Jun 2009

“In my opinion, one of the worse part after a meeting is the phase when you need to put all pieces together and come up with an effective and useful meeting report and action items for the post-meeting activity.”

“I found out that making a meeting effective is crucial for the activity after the meeting (and for your health). Here are five tips I learnt in the past ten years.” 1) Go straight to the point Sometimes I noticed, especially here in Italy, that lots of meetings are filled with discussions and chats completely out of the main scope… 2) Laptop, your best friend If you can, take notes directly on your laptop.  (We at Productive Meeting do not recommend this) 3) No, I’m not texting! Use a program like Evernote (available for iPhone, too), you’ll easily figure it out. Evernote lets you take text notes and tag them, attach documents to them, attach photos (taken in real-time) and so on. 4) Real time actions have most of the standard product/service presentations on my Blackberry so it’s very easy for me to send them immediately. 5) Stand-up meeting? Best meetings are the shortest.

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