Thoughts on Meetings

One of our managers…had a meeting with his staff to discuss work-life balance. The meeting started at 5 p.m. and ended at 9.


Making Connections

A warm-up for ideation sessions:

? Identify how things relate to one another
? Flex the creative muscles

Time estimate: 3-5 minutes
Suggested group size: 2-15 people

Step #1 The leader thinks of two everyday objects or situations.
Step #2 The leader fills in the blank using the two chosen objects or
situations: “What do [the object or situation] and [the other object or
situation] have in common?”
Step #3 In round-robin fashion, group members respond with an
answer. Allow any person to “pass” if desired.
Step #4 Continue until the group has had enough.
Optional: Have the group members pick the objects or situations.
Examples of objects or situations: What do an eraser and a pillow have in
common? A lightbulb and a pole? Sales and information services? A computer
and a meeting room? A press release and a technological breakthrough? A rug
and a dress? A hippopotamus and pants?

? To make this game a little more difficult, you can use three objects.
Any more than three, however, will make it extremely difficult.
? If you play several rounds, alternate who comes up with the object.
? Use everyday items or things. Stay away from comparing people and
particular items (e.g., “What does Sarah’s hairbrush have in common
with software?”).

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