Thoughts on Meetings

Meetings without an agenda are like a restaurant without a menu. — Susan B. Wilson


7 Habits of Highly Effective Meetings

1.  Meetings are to be limited to thirty minutes for a strategic meeting and eighteen minutes (like TED) for introductory or non-strategic meetings.  There would be a massive countdown clock in every conference room.

2.  Power points will be limited to “must-have” illustrations (graphs, visualizations, diagrams, etc.) The meeting can never start off with a power point – instead, it must start with the WHY? WHAT? HOW?, leading to discussion/presentation of facts/collaboration.

3.  Meetings always end with two minutes of promise-record keeping.  Action items are fully assigned, with delivery dates to be documented and placed into our calendars.

4.  Meetings deemed “a waste of time” by the most senior person in the room will have a budget cost to the person who called the meeting.

5. NO ONE is to bring a laptop, black berry or cell phone into the meeting UNLESS there is a specific timing issue that requires them to be “online” during the meeting.  

6. Meetings must have a moderator, who’s job is to manage agenda, time and documentation.  The moderator must also attempt to manage cross talk, but senior members in the room are expected to help in this regard too.

7. Director level and up attendees can (quietly) leave any meeting in violation of the above rules.

From Tim Sanders Advice Blog on Business, Culture and Spirit

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