Thoughts on Meetings

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be “meetings.” — Dave Barry

Large Meeting (50+)

Using the Mobile Phone for Large Meetings

One potentially powerful interactive tool for meetings is the the mobile phone. With phones like the iPhone and Blackberry, among others, the meeting attendee can either use Twitter or Texting to communicate to the facilitator, a presenter or even each other. The phone can be used to take “straw polls” or sending “tweet” questions to the speakers, and other innovations.

1) Designate specific periods when the attendees may use the phone.

2) Request that the attendees only Tweet/Text the presenter/facilitator, (The rest can take place on scheduled breaks of at least 15-30 minutes or or special activities.)

3) To not distract the presenter/facilitator have someone else intercept the messages, sort or summarize, and provide them to the facilitator,

4) Ask a specific question of the attendees to Tweet/Text. The questions may include a “Meta” question such as “Would you like me to talk about the XYZ Process in more depth?” or a question pertaining to the subject matter, “What is your one biggest challenge as Sales Managers?” These can also be asked of a smaller group to discuss and send ONE response, such as those sitting at the same table or near each other.

5) If the present/facilitator asks to have participant Tweet/Text their questions, ask each table group (or cluster sitting near each other) to discuss and generate one questions from that group. This will ensure higher quality questions.

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