Thoughts on Meetings

Effective meeting don’t happen by accident, they happen by design.


More General Tips

1. Decide why you want to have a meeting. What is the purpose of the meeting? What are you trying to accomplish, address, or resolve?

2. If you determine that a meeting is necessary, develop and share an agenda with those who will be attending the meeting at least one week in advance.

3. The person who runs the meeting (facilitator) should adhere to the items on the agenda.

4. The facilitator should also make sure that the time allotted for each agenda item is honored. Two suggestions to accomplish this include:

a. Establishing a rule, in advance, that people can not repeat what another individual has already said.

b. Soliciting input from each participant first prior to allowing an individual who has already spoken to speak again.

5. Once the meeting has ended, distribute the minutes in a timely manner, generally within a week following the meeting.
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