Thoughts on Meetings

A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted. — James T. Kirk

Generating Ideas

Nominal Group Technique For Generating Ideas Anonymously

Purpose: Generate ideas anonymously
Time estimate: 15 or more minutes
Supplies needed: One flip chart and markers, index cards, and writing instrument (all with same color ink)
Suggested group size: 4-15 people

Step #1 Give the group a challenge question. Ask for any clarifying questions. Designate someone to serve as the recorder.

Step #2 Hand out blank index cards to everyone in the group. Give the members 3-5 minutes to write one idea on each card. Individuals who do not have an idea can leave the card blank.

Step #3 The cards are collected and shuffled, taking care not to show the source of the ideas. The recorder transcribes the ideas on to the flip chart.

Step #4 Any member is permitted to propose rewording an item, eliminating a duplicate item, or combining similar items into one. But if anyone objects to the proposed change, the proposal process stops.

Step #5 Repeat steps 2-4 several times until an idea-generating round turns up only blank cards.

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